CPX Gyratory Crusher

We developed is a novel crusher which combined all performance of gyratory crushers from various companies. This gyratory crusher has a large dip angle crushing cavity and a longer crushing plane. Liner plates made from special materials contribute to a bigger crushing capability of the crusher and a longer service life of liner plates. The extra-heavy duty rack and its integral vertical shaft assembly ensure a longer service life of the crusher and a more safe and reliable operation. The main shaft position indicator system can observe the size of discharge opening visually. 

Different capacities can be reached by changing eccentric bushings with different eccentricities to meet various requirements of users. – See more at: http://www.trustoncrusher.com/3f937d20-afb1-7d5b-d4fd-11ec0212c32c/b460b6f8-8cdb-2343-ff9e-5032d74908bc.shtml#sthash.cbN3UFJK.dpuf